Lily Marotto Couture focuses on custom-printed luxurious one-of-a-kind couture garments—each a passionately hand-crafted piece of art, designed with the finest quality and finishings for those who share the refined and elegant sensibility of transcending reality.

Lily’s forward-thinking fashion embraces the newest discourse of fashion inspiring the newest looks trending alongside the artists of our time yet balanced through couture. Lily’s fashion pallet is truly unprecedented—as no other fabrics or styles exist anywhere in the world since the inventiveness of all the looks derive exclusively from our custom-printed high-end fabrics processed within the studio.

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 The beauty of our Clientele, their personal memoirs, and life-changing events emanate through the combination of our upscale fabric and creative construction—stories woven and sewn into our sophisticated garments embellish and shape our Client’s experiences as the center of attention at GALAs, Proms, Weddings, new Life Transitions, Pregnancy, Celebrations, and Formal Events. Each couture expression uniquely customized to enliven, fit the body, and move as an epic episode as memorable and elegant as the reminiscence of the events themselves.