From a young age, Lily has had an opportunity to live in various countries, examine different lifestyles, and get acquainted with a diversity of cultures. Her main inspiration is an art and the art of living.

Lily finds beauty in the way people express themselves through creativity. After living in the “Fashion Capitals of the World” – Paris and London, and spending time in Milan and New York, Lily believes that Fashion is a “Walking Art” – a dynamic interaction of designers’ visions and choices we make when selecting our outfits.

After completing 2 Masters Degrees, Lily has worked as a brand manager for several international fashion brands. This experience has made her realize that she would love to create her looks and designs.

Lily lived in California for seven years, and while there, Lily has finished a program in Apparel Design and Merchandising. Lily can create garments in different categories and styles – from Couture and Bridal to funky outdoor clothing. 

In 2021, Lily moved to South Florida, where she continues working on her clothing line, inspired by philosophy, mythology, and heritage.

Lily works with many artists, using their artwork to create prints for collections. She participates in international fashion shows, collaborating with other fashion designers and widening her borders as a designer.

Brand History

The brand was established in 2016, and has presented at LA and NY Fashion Weeks, many other shows and events in the USA. In 2017, Lily Marotto opened the Design Studio and Showroom in California, and in 2018 started selling collections in West Coast Leather Store in the heart of San Francisco.

Lily Marotto has won multiple awards, created gowns for winners of International Beauty contests, and the most important, won the hearts of customers who value the combination of uniqueness and the highest quality materials and production.

In 2019, Lily became an internationally known brand and presented her collection in Eiffel Tower at Paris City Fashion Week in France. In 2020, Lily participated in a documentary film, “Pivot in the Pandemic,” and exhibited her Couture garments in Art Galleries.

After moving to Florida, Lily has been helping the Museum of Decorative Arts, creating custom-made clothes, and, of course, working on new collections. Lily was honored to be selected as a sponsored designer and going to present her collection at Fort Lauderdale FW on March 18th, 2022.