Lily Marotto Spring/Summer 2020

My new collection is all about Art inscribed in science as Mathematics/Geometry and Optical perception. Math and art never existed independently of each other. The idea of this collection was born long time ago. Once someone told me that you can try to measure the beauty by using math. I was surprised and confused but never forgot about the subject. Nowadays we see people talking about different perception of objects all the time. It becomes a subject of discussions in social media as well known gold or blue dress, Yanny or Laurel, or our new enigma with black and white images and colored lines. Can anyone or anything determine absolute beauty? And even so, would it be precepted as it is or our brain would trick us? Those are the questions I wanted to examine while creating this collection. This collection Inspired by the masters of geometrical illusions, golden ratio, shapes and forms. It combines unique prints and gradient colors, my signature techniques of 3D effect in clothing, mixture of vintage details wit futuristic elements. I really hope you will enjoy the show and I see you on September 27th at Eiffel Tour.

Photography by Alex Matt.